Wednesday, February 13, 2008

[Heavin' Up A Barf]

Adam here. Still acting as Ninja Ken's liaison to the world. Not so much to say today. Wednesdays I generally work from 9 to 9, so posting some witty exchange between myself and my only worthy conversational partner, myself, is difficult to do. One thing to note though, is that one my cats is having an issue that is manifesting itself as a spot of piss on the floor of my home. Repeatedly she has tinkled a cat sized tinkle in the corner by the front door. It's carpet. It can't just be wiped away by Mr. Brawny. Going on a tagent here-just looked up Brawny to check I was right in remembering that particular paper towel brand, and the search results began with some pictures; some featured the Brawny Man with a mustache, and some did not-I believe I would want a mustached man to soak up the liquids in my household. Back to the piss. Each time I find the carpet tinged with my cat's leavings, I must soak it with carpet cleaner and then wait, and then rub vigorously with a damp cloth. I originaly believed it to be the doing of my other cat, but first hand witnessing of the pissing had proven me wrong. I have not ruled out the possibility of them working together, behind the scenes. In any event, the pissing is pissing me off. What does this have to do with Ninja Ken you may ask? Does it need to pertain to the comic at all?- is my answer to a question with another question, giving it with a tone that makes one suspect I am irritated that you, the reader, have interrupted this very important conversation between myself and myself, something I had said I had no time to do. Now you have called attention to my lies. More lies will follow; I promise you that. Kid C has a certain affection for this cat, an affinity. I think of them as each the other's spirit animal. If he were an animal, he would be my cat, and if she was a person, she would be Kid C. Kid Cat. Interesting fact: my cat's mother is also its sister- or some such inbreeding, and she has extra toes. I believe these genetic abnormalities have made her into a stubborn, simple being. Kid C. Perhaps the motive behind the pissing is in response to the severing of the soul connection between the two beasts by his temporary removal from the same state. Whatever the case may be. Stop pissing on my rug. It really brings the room together.


Kyle said...

is halo pissing on your rug? or is it taylor, the one i have thought it was this whole time...

anyways, nice big lebowski reference there at the end, i would of been disappointed if you left it out.

Kid C said...

It's Boo. But we thought it was Halo. It could be both. Sarsparilla. Sioux City is a good one. It's really delicious. Honest.