Friday, August 31, 2007

[One last Big Daddy]

So I thought I was going to be able to beat Bioshock Wednesday. But no, instead of less than 3 hours of play time, there was closer to 6. So as soon as I am done with this post I am going to throw a Tombstone in the oven, and go hit it up.

Every Thursday night I go out with my friends to a bar/restaurant. And sometimes I find myself staying out far too late, and drinking too much for a work night. And that usually leaves me feeling much like poor Ninja Ken in today's comic.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

[I wish it were true]

So I have 3 stages left in Bioshock. Oh man, I am SO going to beat it tonight! YOU HEAR ME RYAN?! I'M ON YOUR DOORSTEP!!!!

I really am excited to see where this story is going to go. Is the main character Ryan's son? Was he infused with plasmids during conception so that he resists plasmid poisoning? Whats with his tats?

Oh man oh man oh man, I'm going to cook myself a chicken kiev, then finish this.

Is there a Wii Castlevania on its way? Not as far as I know, but it would be sweet. And I chortle to myself every time I read "360 degrees of whip support" hehehe.

Monday, August 27, 2007

[fun places to poo]

I stayed late at work today and didn't get much sleep because I stayed up watching hot fuzz last night (after I went to see superbad for the 2nd time), so I'm tired, and therefore am going to go take a nap.

so there.

this comic actually happened to me, I grabbed a loose roll of TP, took a handful off, removed my hand from the tube to discover that it was now covered in shit. who fuckin does that kind of thing in an office bathroom? fuck if I know.

Friday, August 24, 2007

[I Love It When You Call Me Big Papa]

So, as you may recall I like Bioshock. I like Bioshock so much, that it made me stop shaking my way through Zelda. And I love Zelda. I love Zelda HARD.

Nothing much to say really, I am going to go eat some shrimp and play more. Later tonight I am going to watch Vacancy, oh that Luke Wilson's such a dreamboat.

Todays comic took me forever and a day to do. I literally sat (at work) daydreaming for several hours about what it would be like to be a Big Daddy, the poor guys. I think it would be like going shopping with one of those annoying daddy's girls we all knew in high school. Shes never happy, and she always wants this and that and the other thing, and always with the talking, talking, talking.

Basically, it would be hell.

I actually drew the comic on 3 normal pieces of computer paper, then Frankensteined them together, so if it looks a little funky thats why.

Man, poor Big Daddy.

Kid C

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


First off a big thank you to both Joystiq, and the people who voted for my goomba comic from last week, netting it a cool first place in Joystiq's weekly contest. For those of you who may be new to the site, hello, hi, welcome, please sit back and stay a spell.

Ok so yes I got the limited edition of Bioshock, and of course my Big Daddy has a broken drill bit. Le Fuck. The thing is, only about 3 mm^2 worth of drill are missing, which makes me wonder if it would be worthwhile to try and send it back in. Of course I would love the free art book that 2K is handing out to people with broken Big Daddy's, but thats a whole lot of effort. Plus I don't know if they will even believe me considering how small the chip is. So I am in a quandary.

The game however, oh the game. The game in a word, is breathtaking. If you have not bought it, and you have a PC or Xbox 360, go, go buy it right now. The only people who would not appreciate such a gem are the people who own consoles only so that they can simulate college sports, and well, if you're one of those people you probably won't be reading this anyways.

I wont go into details seeing as there are plenty of very good reviews out there. I will just say that the atmosphere in this thing is more powerful than everclear- and its gonna knock you right on your nerdy ass.

Yeah I realized shortly after I had posted last week that I duplicated a comic from the week before. Sorry, I'm not perfect- ask any of my ex girlfriends.

(although I mean the sex was always great right ladies???... ladies?... .... damn)

Todays comic is a little ditty inspired by the new season of Dirty Jobs, which is a fantastic show. I plan on having a Bioshock comic ready for Friday, I just need to let the juices flow a bit on it... and also I really want to go get some time in on it!

Monday, August 20, 2007

[whiskey coke]

This wont be a long post, because good ole Adam and I are off to a bar to drink some whiskeys and play erotic photo hunt. The words "Nachos" were also used in possible consumptionary terms, which I find quite titillating.

Moving in with a girlfriend? Think it through yo, thats all I'm saying.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So after hearing about the street date breakage for Bioshock at Toys R Us, I dutifully drove myself there immediately after work, but to no avail , the little old woman was wise to my tricks. She even mumbled somethin to herself bout "all these fool youngins stealin my raspberries off my raspberry bush" or something to that extent.

ok that parts made up, but still, she wouldn't let me have a bioshock. jerkbag.

I think I may be out of town this weekend, and thusly unavailable to post on friday, so I will give you a double dosage today. I hope its not too much for ya.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Ahhh, the comic con went well, I spent 2 luxurious days in the trenches with my fellow nerdlings, pawing over the 5 dollar graphic novels and the 50 cent back issues. It was glorious! I also purchased this:
A kickass statue of luke, which is currently guarding the area above my television.

Sometimes I wonder if my future spawn will have the same love and interests as me. If not, I bet that whore wife of mine was screwing Brett Favre... or something.

-Kid C

Friday, August 10, 2007

[not another wii pun]

So yesterday I was at best buy to pick up hot fuzz on dvd... when all the sudden.. a little white box in the Wii section? could it be?!

Yes it was, and now I own a Wii. I was never motivated enough to go to a store early or wait in lines, but I have always promised myself that I would buy a Wii whenever the opportunity presented itself.

I purchased the legend of zelda, and the resident evil 4 remake. Oh man am I ever pumped.

I havent actually played it yet, im going to go put it all together right now!

The comic today, well I got to thinking what if you just used halo 2 like a session with a psychiatrist?

-Kid C

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

[illinois is way cooler]

Phew! hello, hello, I am back indeed. The vacation was nice, it was very warm and humid, the girls wore very little.

Warped tour was good, Alkaline Trio played a good set, but for me Pepper stole the show. I haven't seen such actual excitement and energy in a band since I first saw Lucky Boys Confusion back in college. It was really amazing actually.

I am getting very excited for the annual Chicago Comic Con, aka Wizard World 07. I will be going both Saturday and Sunday, it should be amazing. Although it seems to me we in Chicago get the shaft when it comes to video game tie ins. I know PA was at the San Diego con, but I don't think they are making it to the Chicago one. Don't the PA fellas like live in Maine or something? Chicago's closer than San Diego guys, come on. I want me a sketch of fruit fucker prime.

Also I am going to be kinkos-ing a few ashcans of Ninja Ken and randomly putting them in piles about the con on Saturday. You know those big tables outside the front doors? I'm gonna put some there, and then wherever else I see fit. I don't know if this is necessarily legal, but if you read this and you're going to the Chicago Con, keep your eyes out for Ninja Ken- he might be lurking in trash cans all around you!

I also hear that the final issue in the permanently hiatus'd comic Scud may be making an appearance soon. I really hope Rob Schrab finishes it, Scud was what gave me my second renaissance of reading comic books. (The first being the original TMNT)

See, two comics for you today! That's how much I care. And while I have never discovered a hidden trunk of perverted photoshopped pictures of myself, I have certain inklings. And they are just filthy inklings, they are.

-Kid C