Friday, September 28, 2007

The Old King Is Dead; All Hail The New King

Kid C has gone to Iowa to go party on a bus. I am now the ruler of these lands. My first decree: Hero Ray is promoted from side kick to the star. That is all for now. Expect my reign to be one of terror and famine.

-Adam The Sovereign

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

[im sorry i took your kill?]

Halo 3 multiplayer is very good. Is it the best multiplayer ever? I am not one to say. Is it the most fun I have had in multilayer since halo 2 first ruined my college career? Yes, yes it is.

I am going to get some solo campaigning in in a few, then later on tonight I am sure I will co-op it with Adam.

So yes, bottom line is so far the hype has been up-lived. Go play it baby.

Oh yes, one thing I thought was funny was after I had won a lonewolf of slayer, I won with 24 kills, and I had a +10 spread, at the end of the game the second place guy yelled at me for not getting my own kills...and he had 16 or so I think. Ummm, forgive me if I'm mistaken douchebag, but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to get as many kills as you can, not avoid shooting someone while another person is as well. Silly little jerkbag.

-Kid C

Monday, September 24, 2007


Well the day is finally here. Halo 3 comes out in about 7 hours, and I will be lined up with the rest of the nerds at my local ex-EB.

I started reading the graphic novel Watchmen, I haven't touched it since I last read it which was probably around 2001 or so. I was quickly reminded at how great a story it is. Really, damn. I am excited and frightened by the aspect of a movie based upon its pages. I don't know how it could be done justice in 2-3 hours.

I gotta end this, I am too excited for Halo 3. I'll let you suckers who aren't getting it know how it is. Laters.

And wouldn't it be sweet if there was some sort of Thong-Mode unlockable in halo 3 for Masterchief? Wait... replace Masterchief with Cortana. And then replace her with a real woman. And put her in my bed.

Yeahhhhh thats one sweet unlockable.

-Kid C

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

[jewel osco]

man I am so excited, as we speak I have a thin crust sausage pizza brewin in the oven, and I'm just about bursting with anticipation. not like the rocky horror picture show-anticipation, like the gastric kind. mmm mmmm. and while I eat I am going to watch Chronicles of Riddick, not a good movie mind you, but a big,dumb movie, and I am in a big, dumb mood.

Yes, Halo 3 comes out soon, as I am sure at least 66% of the population realizes (although a good 14% most likely think it has something to do with the Jesus, and unless its actually the messiah underneath that helmet, they're wrong) and I am quite thrilled with the idea. I as well as some close associates all felt that the whole Everyone gets a battlerifle style of gameplay pretty much broke the multiplayer in halo 2, and reduced the entire game to distance-play. But if the beta is any indication of the final product, it seems to be a little more logically balanced.

But I hear my pizza beeping, time for me to eat!

This comic was originally going to end in something more carnal, but i figured romance was the more hilarious option.

-Kid C

Monday, September 17, 2007

[stupid zoras]

I ask you, what is with the water temples in Zelda and being confusing? I thought the temple in Ocarina of Time was rough, then I spent what felt like a year of my life scratching my head in Twilight Princess. Man water temple, you put me in my place.

I am now the happy owner of the ultimate edition of Vista! ....

But Im kinda scared to use it. I need to look a little more into the whole program compatibility thing. Like does Foobar work? How about sharecrow or utorrent?

Can you tell this comic was drawn using a real wooden pencil instead of a mechanical one? Um. Because it was. Oh and no my boss looks nothing like that, but man I wish he wore a sweet little hat!

-Kid C

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

[business trip]

I just got back today from Wisconsin I went there Tuesday morning for work. I had a sweet night at the hotel. I bought myself some beer, ate a stuffed pizza, made a bubble bath (with very hot water), and then sat in the bubble bath, drinking. ...

And then I watched legally blonde 2 on my zune.

hehehe, ok ok so I only watched about 5 minutes. The original plan was to watch the entire movie in the bathtub and to keep drinking, but I cut it short for several reasons:
1. The water was so hot I was sweating (have you ever sweat while in water? its freaking bizarre).
2. An hour of the office started on tbs and I wanted to watch it real bad.
3. And I was deathly afraid I would drop my zune in the tub and ruin it.

Wow. ok I'm beat. I think I am going to go to bed.

-Kid C

Monday, September 10, 2007



Went to Wrigleyville over the weekend with some of my closest friends, and antics ensued. I had never been there before, so it was neato, plus there were some Hawkeye bars which was fun.

Tonight I am going to go to 7-11 and get one of those Halo 3 slushees, then hit up best buy. I have 100 dollars worth of a gift card, and I'm gonna waste it on something software-ish that is going to make me giggle like a little schoolgirl on free ludens cough drop day.

I bought the much anticipated (at least by me) It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia dvd set, and OH MAN, I had almost forgotten how amazing that show is. While reviewing in my head what TV DVDS I had purchased I decided that I have an awesome lineup. Here it is:

Futurama S 2 and 4
Seinfeld S1 and 2
Numerous MST3K Episodes and seasons
Its Always Sunny in Philidelphia S1 and 2
Firefly series

man all I need is some Quantum Leap, Star Trek TNG, and Sliders and I might have the most awesome assortment of television on dvd EVAR.

and the comic? yeah, well gross things sometimes happen to good people.

-Kid C

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

[i love labor day]

Man that weekend was nice, not that I did anything much exciting. Well I did visit a college bud in Chicago, and we ended up drinking at a few bars (one was like an Eastern European bar, and another was a cowboy bar), and then finished the night off by throwing stuff at a gigantic spider. But besides that all I did was waste oxygen.

I beat Bioshock, I thought the endboss was too easy, and the ending was a little subpar (I went no-harvesting) I think that after I beat it the other way, I will feel better about the entire package that is the game. Are there other endings besides those two? I am not sure.

Phil and the now-named goomba Ed appear in todays comic. Those poor guys are always walking, makes me winded just looking at them.