Monday, February 18, 2008


Hello chappies!! We've finally got the new website up and running, and will be posting all new Ninja Ken comics and related material to it!

Please go there now and enjoy yourself!

and you should feel free to tell people to go there.... please dooooooooooooo ;)

Kid C

Friday, February 15, 2008

[Tommy, hide the dynamite- Mom is coming back!]

My reign over this fair land is soon coming to a close. In short time, I will play the jester to Kid C's lord. Kid C is more of a fool really; can one be a jester to a fool? Regardless, I will relinquish command. For now. If any of you out there wish to mutiny (that can be a verb and a noun, yes?), or perform a coup, please let me know. Along with command, I must surrender Kid C's copy of Call of Duty 4 for the 360. I am sure he had mentioned how his system had RRoD'd once again and during the time his console was away, I was at play. His console has been repaired and returned, in what seems to me a much quicker response this time around, and I know he is axious to get his Macmillian on. I have tasted the fruits of the game's online multiplayer, and must now make the purchase for myself. It's my addictive personality. I latch onto a game's multiplayer and the play it to death. I rarely reanimate the passion once the next killer multiplayer game comes out. I played Halo2, ChromeHounds, Gears of War, ShadowRun, Halo 3, and now Call of Duty 4 like mad. Looking to the release date lists, I cannot pinpoint the next game that will really tear me away. This is strictly in terms of multiplayer. My guess would be either Gears of War 2 (as of now, still officially unannounced) or Unreal Tournament III. Unreal is up in the air. I don't really go in for the speed freak shooter games as much, so we will see how that plays out. The next I must buy game will probably be Condemned 2. The first one was so good. Probably scariest game I have played. If the multiplayers actually managed to be good, I would be pretty happy, but I am holding out little to no hope for that. Okay, roll out the red carpet this weekend. Kid C will be back posting on Monday. Unless he feels a need to correct or deny association with me and whatever I have tainted his blog with. It's been real.

All right ramblers, let's get ramblin'.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

[Heavin' Up A Barf]

Adam here. Still acting as Ninja Ken's liaison to the world. Not so much to say today. Wednesdays I generally work from 9 to 9, so posting some witty exchange between myself and my only worthy conversational partner, myself, is difficult to do. One thing to note though, is that one my cats is having an issue that is manifesting itself as a spot of piss on the floor of my home. Repeatedly she has tinkled a cat sized tinkle in the corner by the front door. It's carpet. It can't just be wiped away by Mr. Brawny. Going on a tagent here-just looked up Brawny to check I was right in remembering that particular paper towel brand, and the search results began with some pictures; some featured the Brawny Man with a mustache, and some did not-I believe I would want a mustached man to soak up the liquids in my household. Back to the piss. Each time I find the carpet tinged with my cat's leavings, I must soak it with carpet cleaner and then wait, and then rub vigorously with a damp cloth. I originaly believed it to be the doing of my other cat, but first hand witnessing of the pissing had proven me wrong. I have not ruled out the possibility of them working together, behind the scenes. In any event, the pissing is pissing me off. What does this have to do with Ninja Ken you may ask? Does it need to pertain to the comic at all?- is my answer to a question with another question, giving it with a tone that makes one suspect I am irritated that you, the reader, have interrupted this very important conversation between myself and myself, something I had said I had no time to do. Now you have called attention to my lies. More lies will follow; I promise you that. Kid C has a certain affection for this cat, an affinity. I think of them as each the other's spirit animal. If he were an animal, he would be my cat, and if she was a person, she would be Kid C. Kid Cat. Interesting fact: my cat's mother is also its sister- or some such inbreeding, and she has extra toes. I believe these genetic abnormalities have made her into a stubborn, simple being. Kid C. Perhaps the motive behind the pissing is in response to the severing of the soul connection between the two beasts by his temporary removal from the same state. Whatever the case may be. Stop pissing on my rug. It really brings the room together.

Monday, February 11, 2008

[While Picard is away, Data will play]

It's a transitional period for us here at Ninja Ken. And when I say 'us,' I mean Kid C. And when I say 'Kid C,' I mean Colin. There. The cat is out of the bag. The mystery that is the identity of Ninja Ken's blogger is revealed. Before I get to far into this, it may prove relevant that this is not Colin, but Adam. My name is brought up from time to time, so I find it only suiting that I reveal Kid C's name, if he has not done so already- I'm really not sure. Back to the transitional period. Until now (or soon from now), Colin has posted one of his comics and a small blog to go with it three times a week: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. He has done this alone. He was sole creator and executor to this blog. He has done well. But what is a man (besides a terrible little pile of secrets) without a good man or two behind him? Ignoring any possible gay jokes, he is not much. So in comes our friend Marshall, wiz at all things technological- that is to say a wizard, which would be relatively correct if I were to say I was a dwarf and Colin a valkyrie perhaps. Warrior needs food! Marshall shall (if that is not some kind of literary device, it ought to be) run the innards and the ongoings behind a new site and perhaps post as he wishes to it; I don't really know and may very well be speaking out of turn here. And I will begin posting as well. I am thinking a Tuesday, Thursday type thing to compliment Colin's schedule. I get this honor, or chore as it is yet to be determined, due to my long allegiance to both Colin and Ninja Ken. I have, I believe, been the main reader and perhaps target audience since its conception, and more often than not am the spiritual meat of Ray, as he was based of my creation of Hero Ray and integrated into the comic. How this happened I can't quite remember; maybe Colin will inform us all later on. Before I fan-dangled my persona into the strips, Ninja Ken was doing God-knows-what. Sometimes I miss those days. Even I get tired of my judgments. Someone's got to do it. On with today's comic- seeing as how posting it was really my only direct order. Sometimes a soldier has to take initiative. Or something.

-Adam (or Synep if I were to sign as mystery man does)

Friday, February 8, 2008


Hey my buddy is in town, thats why I'm so late with this. As I mentioned before Adam will be at the helm next week, lets hope he doesn't somehow explode blogger with his use of a mac. Oh god I hope he doesn't post somehow using his iPhone. Gah.

Todays comic is about one of the greatest debates of all time. Who was better- Scottie or Welshy.

-Kid C

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

[Look at me, I have friends, Im so great]

So yeah, its been snow snow snow all the time lately, and I am getting awful sick of these terrible work commutes.

Also I have buffalo strips in the oven right now. mmmmm.

Do I keep going on about the actual Ninja Ken website? I do? I sorry. But yes, its coming, very slowly, but its on its way. In fact I think Ill call up Mr. Marshall and ask him whats what with the logo and such.

I am actually going to be out of town for work next week, so I think I will leave the posting of the comics that week up to Adam.

Are all these names and people confusing and angering to you?.... lets just say get used to it chump, changes are on the way.

This comic is basically a conversation I had with a friend of mine the day after the superbowl. I wont mention his name, because that would be just to many name drops in one post.

(psst, it was Joe)

-Kid C

Monday, February 4, 2008

[Its actually pretty warm today]

Well the ninja ken website is pretty much up and running. It just needs a few layers of spit, polish, and a little bit of the ole html before its ready for the discerning eyes of the internet (all 40 people a day who look). Gotta fix up the logo, gotta make a few links, write a faqs page, etc etc.

I wrote a comic to go along with the superbowl, but haven't drawn it yet, so look forward to it for Wednesday.

Oh also NK is in the weekly webcomic wrapup over at joystiq. Be a dear and go read the entries, and if you like mine, then go ahead and click that link.


-Kid C

Friday, February 1, 2008

[Droogs dont run]

Hi ho, hi ho.

Heres a comic about the awkward guy that sits across from me and eats bananas sin peel. And very erotically. And it just gives me the willies everytime. And not like the kind that involves boners. Like the kind where you see your life flash in front of your brains and then you smell cabbage.

The end.

-Kid C

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

[That's your answer for everything!]

So since there is a gaming-sized void left in my life until I get my xbox back, I picked up Paper Mario the other day, a game which I had somehow forgotten about since I purchased a Wii. I tell ya what, its a funny game. Within the first 3 minutes there was a scene where Luigi got his turn to shine, and it was just absolutely hilarious. Poor Luigi.

Overall I'm enjoying my time with the game. I haven't played a "Mario RPG" since the Seven Star Saga (which was amazing), so this whole hit points and items in a Mario game has thrown me for a bit of a loop, but I'm getting used to it. The game is a weird crossbreed of action/platformer and RPG since all attacks happen in real time Mario-fashion, but underneath it's all based on a RPG system.

Its hard to explain. Anyways I'm enjoying it, and I think its worth a rental for casual fans, a purchase for anyone who really likes him some Mario. (Or her, lets not be sexist. Although I think in literary circles it is considered proper to use "him" inclusively. Or maybe I made that up)

Anyways the comic today got boiled up in my brain from all the Smash Bros malarkey thats been going on the nets recently. Pew Pew Pew!

-Kid C

Monday, January 28, 2008

[Mafia Bar]

For some reason I said these lines this weekend, and Adam and I thought it was hilarious. Bam! Ninja Ken.

I got my 360 coffin today. Goodbye my little friend, see you soon.


-Kid C

Friday, January 25, 2008

[A Guy Shot Through Space, Part 3]

Hello, hello!

Here is the final installment of the guy gets shot through space thinger. I originally had all intentions of killing off the guy in a variety of different ways I thought up, but I had just grown so attached to the poor blighter, I couldn't bring myself to do it.

Um its really cold here in Illinois. Like hobo-killing cold. Lucky for me I prebought Turok.

-Kid C

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

[A Guy Shot Through Space, Part 2]

Just recently a few people have been commenting on my posts with useful, or even interesting information, and shame on me I never gave any indication that I saw their comments. So let me just say thank you to the people who take the time to comment, it lets me know that at least one other person read that days comic!

Did I mention my xbox is dead again? Well in 4-5 business days I should be getting my coffin. Great. I am half tempted to just go buy an elite and say F-IT to that whole scene. But thats a good amount of money.... money that could be spent not re-buying shit I already own.

(but the elite looks so BA.... hmmmm)

Today I bring you the second installment of the Guy Shot Through Space story. Are you prepared for the dramatic conclusion on Friday? Here's a hint for the direction I'm taking it.

-Kid C

Monday, January 21, 2008

[A Guy Shot Through Space, Part 1]

So my Xbox 360 is bust again. My poor, poor box already had to be replaced once during the great brickings of early 07, only to suffer the boring death of 3-red-sections within the first weeks of 08.

a sad day indeed.

On another note- hopefully, the promised Ninja Ken website will be up and running soon. YOU HEAR THAT MARDUKE? FINISH IT, DO MY BIDDING!

This week I shall bring you A Guy Shot Through Space, an epic in 3 parts.

Thank you, and enjoy!
-Kid C

Friday, January 18, 2008

[Lambda Lamda Lambda]

So I went back to work today, which blew. Not as hard however as the fact that I have to go in to work tomorrow. And if I don't finish up what I'm supposed to do, maybe Sunday too!

oh joy!

I started playing COD4 multiplayer, it reminds me a lot of Counter Strike, and is very enjoyable. Although the whole gun-unlocking thing just means that its way easier for experienced players to kill up the n00bs like me. Lame.

I also beat (finally) Half Life 2! Wooo. And started on Episode 1!

Anyway, heres a whole barrel full of comics for you to make up for the Ken-less week. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and I even included the pony-tail guy one. FYI there was some anthropologist dude on a X-Files I watched this week, and he inspired the character.

-Kid C

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

[still sick]

so i finally went to see a doc today, turns out i have bronchitis? Laaaaaaaame. Earliest I can go back to work is Friday, if I feel good.... so yeah, there goes a third of my vacation days for the entire year... oh fuck fuck fuck thats shitty.

i only made one new comic in the last few days and its about some guy who has a pony tail? I dunno, i think the fever made me do it. So again, no new comic today. sorry everyone.

come hell or high water there will be a new comic friday, if not several to make up for me pussing out. (i might even include the weird pony-tail-guy one) so come back then!!

-Kid C

Monday, January 14, 2008


So I took off work today because I'm horribly sick. As of 30 seconds ago I'm rocking a fever of 103.8. I wonder when I'm supposed to go to the emergency room?

Oh, so no new comic. Sorry.

TTFN (I hope)
-Kid C

Friday, January 11, 2008

[Grinding Raptors]

So theres a grinding noise coming from my tower, and its beginning to concern me. I'm pretty sure its the slightly-to-large-for-the-case PSU I wedged into there so I could run the graphics card I bought last year. Ugh, I really dont feel like opening that thing up only to discover something horrible has happened. Maybe if I wait it out, it will just go away.

Y'know like I did with the herp.

joking, joking, jeesh.

-Kid C

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

[Best Buy Blows Goats]

So I don't want to go into the whole thing, but I called best buy the other night and was assured they did in fact have Guitar Hero 3 in the store. I get there, and yes they do have 12 copies, but they cannot let me exchange my broken guitar for one because they are holding them for a sale on Sunday. Thats the story.

Here are some additional highlights:

The manager asked me if I had a product replacement plan for it, like it was a fucking bogus 360.

It would have been "illegal by the MSRP if we sell you one of the ones on hold".

And that "To guarantee you get a copy of the game you should just get here really early Sunday morning and be first in line for the sale!".

Two words Best Buy- FUCKING BULLSHOT

On a positive note, did you hear you can get yourself a free copy of a mutated Portal? If you gots yourself some sweet Nvidia card in your PC, then GET!

And yes, I do believe that all British people do is walk about from pub to pub saying things like "tikkity-tonk" and discussing why soccer rules, and America just blows. Y'know, for the record.

-Kid C

Monday, January 7, 2008

[Ken <3's Keena]

Honestly, hasn't everyone wanted to respond to imbecilic female questions with something along these lines?

Kid C

Friday, January 4, 2008


So I beat Mario Galaxy. Not 120 stars beat, just 60 stars and overall it was very good. But I don't know if its the whole jaded, loveless life I have forged for myself or what, but I did not enjoy it nearly as much as Mario 64.

On the other hand I went and saw the Golden Compass the other night, and I thought that that little talking cat was just the cutest little thing ever. So my dark icey heart must still have some emotions left inside it.

I even found myself yearning for a talking cat while I was sitting there. And usually I only yearn after burritos. MMMmmmmm. burrito.

I think I'm going to run over to Best Buy and pick up COD4. I feel like shooting up some very well rendered foos.

This comic is inspired by that creepy fuck who stalked those kids across, like the entirety of the Americas. Sick fuck, sick fuck.

-Kid C

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

[Lets go microwave, I'm in a hurry here]

New years was good fun, I think? Not as good as some years, but way better than the time I just sat around a basement and played Mario Kart: Double Dash. That's not even a fun game.

ok I am off to go work on Mario Galaxy! 120 stars here I come!

-Kid C