Monday, February 4, 2008

[Its actually pretty warm today]

Well the ninja ken website is pretty much up and running. It just needs a few layers of spit, polish, and a little bit of the ole html before its ready for the discerning eyes of the internet (all 40 people a day who look). Gotta fix up the logo, gotta make a few links, write a faqs page, etc etc.

I wrote a comic to go along with the superbowl, but haven't drawn it yet, so look forward to it for Wednesday.

Oh also NK is in the weekly webcomic wrapup over at joystiq. Be a dear and go read the entries, and if you like mine, then go ahead and click that link.


-Kid C

1 comment:

Kyle said...

cooool i wanna see the new website duder, and if you need any help i can do some work on graphics or something. tis a hobby of mine.