Wednesday, February 6, 2008

[Look at me, I have friends, Im so great]

So yeah, its been snow snow snow all the time lately, and I am getting awful sick of these terrible work commutes.

Also I have buffalo strips in the oven right now. mmmmm.

Do I keep going on about the actual Ninja Ken website? I do? I sorry. But yes, its coming, very slowly, but its on its way. In fact I think Ill call up Mr. Marshall and ask him whats what with the logo and such.

I am actually going to be out of town for work next week, so I think I will leave the posting of the comics that week up to Adam.

Are all these names and people confusing and angering to you?.... lets just say get used to it chump, changes are on the way.

This comic is basically a conversation I had with a friend of mine the day after the superbowl. I wont mention his name, because that would be just to many name drops in one post.

(psst, it was Joe)

-Kid C


Kyle said...

haha, ruffness

p.s. let me draw a comic next week while youre gone

Kid C said...

what? Ive already got a bunch finished, a backlog if you will. You can do a guest one sometime if youd like though!

Oh yeah and if you did want to do some graphic art stuff Id be interested in what you could whip up. You should ask marshall for an idea though, Im not sure whats up.