Friday, February 15, 2008

[Tommy, hide the dynamite- Mom is coming back!]

My reign over this fair land is soon coming to a close. In short time, I will play the jester to Kid C's lord. Kid C is more of a fool really; can one be a jester to a fool? Regardless, I will relinquish command. For now. If any of you out there wish to mutiny (that can be a verb and a noun, yes?), or perform a coup, please let me know. Along with command, I must surrender Kid C's copy of Call of Duty 4 for the 360. I am sure he had mentioned how his system had RRoD'd once again and during the time his console was away, I was at play. His console has been repaired and returned, in what seems to me a much quicker response this time around, and I know he is axious to get his Macmillian on. I have tasted the fruits of the game's online multiplayer, and must now make the purchase for myself. It's my addictive personality. I latch onto a game's multiplayer and the play it to death. I rarely reanimate the passion once the next killer multiplayer game comes out. I played Halo2, ChromeHounds, Gears of War, ShadowRun, Halo 3, and now Call of Duty 4 like mad. Looking to the release date lists, I cannot pinpoint the next game that will really tear me away. This is strictly in terms of multiplayer. My guess would be either Gears of War 2 (as of now, still officially unannounced) or Unreal Tournament III. Unreal is up in the air. I don't really go in for the speed freak shooter games as much, so we will see how that plays out. The next I must buy game will probably be Condemned 2. The first one was so good. Probably scariest game I have played. If the multiplayers actually managed to be good, I would be pretty happy, but I am holding out little to no hope for that. Okay, roll out the red carpet this weekend. Kid C will be back posting on Monday. Unless he feels a need to correct or deny association with me and whatever I have tainted his blog with. It's been real.

All right ramblers, let's get ramblin'.


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