Friday, August 24, 2007

[I Love It When You Call Me Big Papa]

So, as you may recall I like Bioshock. I like Bioshock so much, that it made me stop shaking my way through Zelda. And I love Zelda. I love Zelda HARD.

Nothing much to say really, I am going to go eat some shrimp and play more. Later tonight I am going to watch Vacancy, oh that Luke Wilson's such a dreamboat.

Todays comic took me forever and a day to do. I literally sat (at work) daydreaming for several hours about what it would be like to be a Big Daddy, the poor guys. I think it would be like going shopping with one of those annoying daddy's girls we all knew in high school. Shes never happy, and she always wants this and that and the other thing, and always with the talking, talking, talking.

Basically, it would be hell.

I actually drew the comic on 3 normal pieces of computer paper, then Frankensteined them together, so if it looks a little funky thats why.

Man, poor Big Daddy.

Kid C