Wednesday, August 22, 2007


First off a big thank you to both Joystiq, and the people who voted for my goomba comic from last week, netting it a cool first place in Joystiq's weekly contest. For those of you who may be new to the site, hello, hi, welcome, please sit back and stay a spell.

Ok so yes I got the limited edition of Bioshock, and of course my Big Daddy has a broken drill bit. Le Fuck. The thing is, only about 3 mm^2 worth of drill are missing, which makes me wonder if it would be worthwhile to try and send it back in. Of course I would love the free art book that 2K is handing out to people with broken Big Daddy's, but thats a whole lot of effort. Plus I don't know if they will even believe me considering how small the chip is. So I am in a quandary.

The game however, oh the game. The game in a word, is breathtaking. If you have not bought it, and you have a PC or Xbox 360, go, go buy it right now. The only people who would not appreciate such a gem are the people who own consoles only so that they can simulate college sports, and well, if you're one of those people you probably won't be reading this anyways.

I wont go into details seeing as there are plenty of very good reviews out there. I will just say that the atmosphere in this thing is more powerful than everclear- and its gonna knock you right on your nerdy ass.

Yeah I realized shortly after I had posted last week that I duplicated a comic from the week before. Sorry, I'm not perfect- ask any of my ex girlfriends.

(although I mean the sex was always great right ladies???... ladies?... .... damn)

Todays comic is a little ditty inspired by the new season of Dirty Jobs, which is a fantastic show. I plan on having a Bioshock comic ready for Friday, I just need to let the juices flow a bit on it... and also I really want to go get some time in on it!

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