Wednesday, August 15, 2007


So after hearing about the street date breakage for Bioshock at Toys R Us, I dutifully drove myself there immediately after work, but to no avail , the little old woman was wise to my tricks. She even mumbled somethin to herself bout "all these fool youngins stealin my raspberries off my raspberry bush" or something to that extent.

ok that parts made up, but still, she wouldn't let me have a bioshock. jerkbag.

I think I may be out of town this weekend, and thusly unavailable to post on friday, so I will give you a double dosage today. I hope its not too much for ya.


PillsburyDeeBoy said...

Goomba? Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Yo! I'm the artist for the Unreal strip that lost to your Goomba. Congrats!