Wednesday, August 8, 2007

[illinois is way cooler]

Phew! hello, hello, I am back indeed. The vacation was nice, it was very warm and humid, the girls wore very little.

Warped tour was good, Alkaline Trio played a good set, but for me Pepper stole the show. I haven't seen such actual excitement and energy in a band since I first saw Lucky Boys Confusion back in college. It was really amazing actually.

I am getting very excited for the annual Chicago Comic Con, aka Wizard World 07. I will be going both Saturday and Sunday, it should be amazing. Although it seems to me we in Chicago get the shaft when it comes to video game tie ins. I know PA was at the San Diego con, but I don't think they are making it to the Chicago one. Don't the PA fellas like live in Maine or something? Chicago's closer than San Diego guys, come on. I want me a sketch of fruit fucker prime.

Also I am going to be kinkos-ing a few ashcans of Ninja Ken and randomly putting them in piles about the con on Saturday. You know those big tables outside the front doors? I'm gonna put some there, and then wherever else I see fit. I don't know if this is necessarily legal, but if you read this and you're going to the Chicago Con, keep your eyes out for Ninja Ken- he might be lurking in trash cans all around you!

I also hear that the final issue in the permanently hiatus'd comic Scud may be making an appearance soon. I really hope Rob Schrab finishes it, Scud was what gave me my second renaissance of reading comic books. (The first being the original TMNT)

See, two comics for you today! That's how much I care. And while I have never discovered a hidden trunk of perverted photoshopped pictures of myself, I have certain inklings. And they are just filthy inklings, they are.

-Kid C

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Victoria said...

Hey - Mario is a working class Italian American, no? I imagine that he would have responded with a massive stream of curses somewhat like this:
(Link goes to Google Video but was annoyingly long.)