Saturday, November 24, 2007

[Mass Effect: Way Better Than Titan AE]

So I've put about 9 hours in on Mass Effect so far. And wowsers, it's good. Anyone who enjoyed KOTOR, or any of Bioware's previous titles will feel at home after about 30 minutes of play, although the combat is even a bit less RPG than Jade Empire (Bioware has been moving in that direction it seems). Especially if you're a scifi nerd, there's a lot to take in and get excited about here. Of course many of the technical issues reported in reviews I also noticed: graphical pop-in, problems with voice sync, game crashes (well just once so far actually), and about a half dozen more flaws that would cripple my love for any other game. The thing is, even though I noticed these things... I really, really don't care, the game is still far too good. So yes, this game is definately an epic step forward for the medium, just as Bioshock was before it. Go and buy.

The aspect I actually had the most issues with was actually the character creation system. I set out trying to make a cool lookin BA, but no matter how much time I put into it (2+ hours) all I got was some sort of mutant creature, or a creepy looking dude with a molester stache. So frustrated and alone, I accepted the preset model, something that is usually an anathema to me when I am given the option to craft my own character. Sadness.

-Kid C

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