Monday, November 5, 2007

[Rock Band?]

So today during our lunchbreak some co-workers and I ran over to Best Buy to try out the demo of Rock Band, and I was once again disappointed. Now I tried it over the weekend, and had a terrible experience using the guitar controller. The buttons felt loose and sloppy, the little flipswitch thing you strum with was extremely stiff, and honestly I didn't like the on-screen button things (rectangular instead of circles). Today I let another GH veteran try out the guitar, and she was absolutely stymied, complaining that it was ridiculous to activate the strum dealy, and that she greatly preferred the GH guitar. Meanwhile I was on drums, and well, I really just plain sucked. But again, they seemed cheaply made and weak.... Like the Ukraine.

With my opinion firmly in my mind, and then cemented by another gamer, I saw with great interest that video game blogging site Joystiq did a write up of their impressions with the Rock Band Demo. And after reading it I was extremely surprised, seeing as they made no mention of anything that bothered me. It seems like they either have mighty muscular forearms over there, or had a different guitar? But again, it was just a "preview" if you will, perhaps reviewers will bring up my complaints on the full release.

Besides the guitar, the gameplay seemed standard, there is a little neat mechanic where you can just wail on your shit and go crazy, which was fun, and the music selection seems really well done (unlike GHII). So yeah, thats what I got.

The comic is what I think actually went down before I got my hands on that controller. Odd that it must have happened at both the stores I went to...

-Kid C

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Kyle said...

i think you require my expert guitar hero opinion before you make your decision, you sissy-armed wuss