Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Hullo, hullo another fantastic Wednesday is done, a even more wonderful Thursday awaits! So a bunch of winter releases hit this week, but no! I refused to purchase them! Even as my co-workers tempted me left and right to rush off during my lunch break to pick up Super Mario Galaxy (wait, is he still super? huh.) I said unto them "Nay, nay co-workers. Verilly Mass Effect doth become released next weeketh. And there will be much rejoithing." Meaning I held back and did not buy a single game since Mass Effect is going to come out soon, and I want to devote my entire persona to its hallowed 1's and 0's.

But thats not to say I haven't been gaming. I got back into a regime of halo 3, finally getting that Major's star (I really don't play it often folks), as well as digging into Castlevanis:SOTN on the live arcade. I purchased it when it was first released, but never really got it started till now. And man, its still a AAA title. I think It deserves a seat right next to Super Mario World, and Super Metroid as one of the three best side-scrollers of all time.

This comic was done with my pen and with MS paint. I will try to use the fancier programs I got with it in the future. So don't worry so much.

-Kid C

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