Saturday, December 29, 2007

[Hello Joe, whatdoya know? I just got back from the bloodhound show.]

Yeah yeah, I know I didn't make my friday post. Make me feel bad why dontcha? I was too busy drinking Manhattans that tasted just like salad to get around to it. Srry.

So Mario Galaxy is great, its good, its wonderful. But its not as good as Mario 64, not by a longshot. The entire driving force behind the game is the exploration of these little islands floating in space, and how you move from one to the other solving puzzles and killing baddies till you get to the star. And thats the main reason I don't like the game as much. I enjoyed being in the mushroom kingdom far far better than floating through the almost scenery-free landscape that is space.

Also, the game seems a little less Mario to me than it should seem. I mean the controls are spot on, but the game does not make you take advantage of all of Mario's jumps, a basic in 3D Mario gameplay. I have 42 stars so far and can only think of maybe 2 situations when I had to use anything other than standard single jumps. And that just doesn't seem right.

In other gaming news my Guitar Hero 3 guitar is bust which is supra lame. I have the "first button frets along with 2nd and 3rd" problem, as well as an auto-firing star power, which make the game much more frustrating than it should be. Sadness.

Ok I am gonna run now, got some shopping to do with Mr. Adam, then tonight I'm going out for a friends 24th bday. Woo for slowly dieing!

-Kid C

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