Monday, December 3, 2007

[Which Witch]

So i let my gaurd down today for a few minutes, and then BAM! I'm walking out of best buy clutching The Witcher in my grubby paws. Yes I had planned on getting around to buying it, but I did not plan on buying it today by any means. To better understand why and how this happened, you must know a little more about my poor bent psyche. See, I consider myself a console gamer... but I have always dabbled in PC games, like the business exec who only does a little coke-y'know just to get by.

...And I haven't snorted any delicious PC game in a long, long time. It pretty much is like an irrational compulsion, but if i don't periodically buy some sort of PC game, I get all antsy.

For today's comic, you gotta do the guest character's voice to get the full effect. Oh, and that's all a lie, just so you know.

Oh right, and also blogger is having issues with opening pictures right now, thats why it makes you download them. And for that, they should be ashamed.

-Kid C

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