Friday, December 7, 2007


So the snow has finally started in earnest round these here parts. My car was all going WHOOSH and SKREE last night driving back from the local Irish pub (the buffalo chicken sammich is to die for). I like the snow, but when it gets in the way of me going places, I like it much less.

I am still working through Mass Effect, I'm trying to do all the missions, and it seems that for every one I finish, two more pop up. Its semi-infuriating, I just want to have no missions for 5 minutes game! One thing I have noticed is that all the armors and weapons are basically just pallet swaps, with very few discernible changes between models. Thats something I want you to change for the next one, ya hear Bioware?

Todays comic is a little slice of relationship pie brought to you by the letter M. His hair looks silly.

-Kid C

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