Tuesday, May 29, 2007

[Being a Pirate is Alright to be]

This wont be as long a post as I had intended because I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow to drive to a training seminar. Boo-urns!

A quick overview if my memorial day weekend:

Visited Omaha, birthplace of the Conor Oberst school of indie music
Got put in my place by a 16 year old in Mario Party 1
Ate some most excellent mexican food
Saw some neat animals at the zoo
Went for a boat ride
Slept on an air mattress.

This NK features quite possibly my good friend Adam and my relationship in its purest form. After I had finished it and I read the words a second time I thought "wow, thats us right there then isn't it" or something to that regard.

Oh and its newish, I just wrote it last week.

-Kid C

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