Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I dont have much to say here really. Just watched Deja Vu, it was both Meh and Sweet! so I guess it would not be too far a stretch to call it Sweh!..or mweet?

I prefer Sweh, its rolls off the tongue and down into the lap to curl up into a ball. Sweh.

Sweh! I cant get enough.

I did this comic today, and as I write this I realize I need some better machinery in place to decide which comics I post. I have many many to choose from, and have been far too haphazard in my decision making up to this point. What I am trying to say is I need a better system. Maybe I should just go through by year cherry picking my favorites? But then you, the loyal reader would be missing out on my more currents creations, such as this fine example here...see how I refer to a television show that is both current and popular! Oh my pale finger truly is taped to the pulse of our nation.


and so forth.

oh yes and this particular comic is pretty badly drawn, even for my standards. except that last panel. love those expressions.
-Kid C

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