Tuesday, May 22, 2007

[Mold on my blistex]

I decided I am not going to name each post the name of the ninja ken strip, instead I will do that in the tags. You may notice that some of the NK strips look like crap, well that is because for the longest time I drew them on both sides of the paper. Oh my nearsightedness is almost painful.

I was invited out for food and drinks at 9, but thats pushing this guys bedtime, especially if I am going to watch any MST3K or Firefly tonight. It is always a hard call for me, human interaction...or pure nerdity. And tonight I will be flying Solo.....HAN SOLO, bwahahahahahahaha...oh I am sorry for that one.

oh yes, and there is in fact a layer of mold growing on the underside of my blistex. Disgusting? Yes, of course. But the pure biology of it is fascinating isn't it?!!

This comic is one of the more recent ones, about a year old. In it hero ray has a knife, and he knifes stuff good. The panel where he yells "Check This!" is perhaps my favorite drawing from NK ever...its just so...stabalicious.

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