Sunday, May 20, 2007

[Ow! I'm Bleeding!]

I spent some time at the local library today, and was drawn as usual to the new graphic novel and scifi/fantasy sections. While perusing the new Goon TPB I noticed a new Halo novel had been released. My heart beating faster I reached for the book and flipped through its crisp new pages and seeing flashes of words like Spartan, or Carbine I knew I had to have it. Well for at least the 2 weeks I could take a new-release out for. I continued browsing, but as I did, I began to realize that, although I enjoy backstory and plot as much as the next man.... I didn't want to read about Halo. In fact, merely holding the book made me want to run home and fire up the Halo 3 Beta with the utmost urgency. I put the book down, and instead grabbed two Amazing Spider-Man books, and legged it out of there.

Needless to say, Halo was played after I got home.

and then I watched the office. Oh that Jim, he is just too much.

This comic is one of my favorites. Its simple, I love the expressions on the character's faces, and it's gross. What more could anyone want?

-Kid C

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