Monday, May 21, 2007

[Ken Likes to Poo]

So they added big team battle today in the Halo 3 beta. I played some over at Adams place, and it was enjoyable. Although it did tarnish the overall H3 was only about 1 minute into the first game that 2/6 people quit our team, immediately after the other two people on our team started betraying....

As I watched the pretty new model of a red spartan (my team) hump my dead corpse over and over again Adam muttered something along the lines of "Fucking halo players, I'd almost forgotten"

For some reason my mind had blacked out all the terrible experiences I had had playing Halo 2, and replaced them with sunny memories...big team battle today brought it all back.


Anyway this comic has ken both pooping and vomiting...I am pretty sure that a while after I drew this I saw the same thing happen on South Park, or perhaps Family Guy....

I'm not saying Seth Green broke into my house and stole my precious secrets of comedy, but let me tell you this much, if an upcoming episode of Family Guy has Peter getting his hands removed by prostitutes and then replaced by beachballs, its fucking lawsuit time baby.

-Kid C

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