Thursday, May 31, 2007

[Corn Kinda Sucks]

Spent the day in a corn facility. And let me tell you, wearing a fire retardant jumpsuit over your work clothes not only sucks, but it creates a DIY convection oven in your underwear. Not that I'm trying currently, but I am pretty sure fathering a child is out of the question now.

It was in the low 90s inside the building I was in to begin with... and was surrounded by steam pipes, most of which were belching the stuff all around me. I was on the 6th story, and was balancing on a 4'x3' metal grating platform, leaning over the edge, over the broken guardrails, twisting my hands around 600 degree pipes, to take beam measurements.

Needless to say I thoroughly deserved the 40 oz cherry/coke slushee I bought myself from 7-11 later on.

It was everything I ever aspired to attain in this life.

This strip is 100% factual.

well maybe more like 99.5% factual.... divided by a mobius strip.

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