Wednesday, September 26, 2007

[im sorry i took your kill?]

Halo 3 multiplayer is very good. Is it the best multiplayer ever? I am not one to say. Is it the most fun I have had in multilayer since halo 2 first ruined my college career? Yes, yes it is.

I am going to get some solo campaigning in in a few, then later on tonight I am sure I will co-op it with Adam.

So yes, bottom line is so far the hype has been up-lived. Go play it baby.

Oh yes, one thing I thought was funny was after I had won a lonewolf of slayer, I won with 24 kills, and I had a +10 spread, at the end of the game the second place guy yelled at me for not getting my own kills...and he had 16 or so I think. Ummm, forgive me if I'm mistaken douchebag, but I'm pretty sure you're supposed to get as many kills as you can, not avoid shooting someone while another person is as well. Silly little jerkbag.

-Kid C

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