Wednesday, September 5, 2007

[i love labor day]

Man that weekend was nice, not that I did anything much exciting. Well I did visit a college bud in Chicago, and we ended up drinking at a few bars (one was like an Eastern European bar, and another was a cowboy bar), and then finished the night off by throwing stuff at a gigantic spider. But besides that all I did was waste oxygen.

I beat Bioshock, I thought the endboss was too easy, and the ending was a little subpar (I went no-harvesting) I think that after I beat it the other way, I will feel better about the entire package that is the game. Are there other endings besides those two? I am not sure.

Phil and the now-named goomba Ed appear in todays comic. Those poor guys are always walking, makes me winded just looking at them.


Kyle said...

that wasn't a cowboy bar you turd, there was just a couple dudes wearing cowboy hats

Elyscape said...

Only those two endings, sadly. I want more BioShock!