Wednesday, September 19, 2007

[jewel osco]

man I am so excited, as we speak I have a thin crust sausage pizza brewin in the oven, and I'm just about bursting with anticipation. not like the rocky horror picture show-anticipation, like the gastric kind. mmm mmmm. and while I eat I am going to watch Chronicles of Riddick, not a good movie mind you, but a big,dumb movie, and I am in a big, dumb mood.

Yes, Halo 3 comes out soon, as I am sure at least 66% of the population realizes (although a good 14% most likely think it has something to do with the Jesus, and unless its actually the messiah underneath that helmet, they're wrong) and I am quite thrilled with the idea. I as well as some close associates all felt that the whole Everyone gets a battlerifle style of gameplay pretty much broke the multiplayer in halo 2, and reduced the entire game to distance-play. But if the beta is any indication of the final product, it seems to be a little more logically balanced.

But I hear my pizza beeping, time for me to eat!

This comic was originally going to end in something more carnal, but i figured romance was the more hilarious option.

-Kid C

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