Thursday, May 31, 2007

[Corn Kinda Sucks]

Spent the day in a corn facility. And let me tell you, wearing a fire retardant jumpsuit over your work clothes not only sucks, but it creates a DIY convection oven in your underwear. Not that I'm trying currently, but I am pretty sure fathering a child is out of the question now.

It was in the low 90s inside the building I was in to begin with... and was surrounded by steam pipes, most of which were belching the stuff all around me. I was on the 6th story, and was balancing on a 4'x3' metal grating platform, leaning over the edge, over the broken guardrails, twisting my hands around 600 degree pipes, to take beam measurements.

Needless to say I thoroughly deserved the 40 oz cherry/coke slushee I bought myself from 7-11 later on.

It was everything I ever aspired to attain in this life.

This strip is 100% factual.

well maybe more like 99.5% factual.... divided by a mobius strip.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


I dont have much to say here really. Just watched Deja Vu, it was both Meh and Sweet! so I guess it would not be too far a stretch to call it Sweh!..or mweet?

I prefer Sweh, its rolls off the tongue and down into the lap to curl up into a ball. Sweh.

Sweh! I cant get enough.

I did this comic today, and as I write this I realize I need some better machinery in place to decide which comics I post. I have many many to choose from, and have been far too haphazard in my decision making up to this point. What I am trying to say is I need a better system. Maybe I should just go through by year cherry picking my favorites? But then you, the loyal reader would be missing out on my more currents creations, such as this fine example here...see how I refer to a television show that is both current and popular! Oh my pale finger truly is taped to the pulse of our nation.


and so forth.

oh yes and this particular comic is pretty badly drawn, even for my standards. except that last panel. love those expressions.
-Kid C

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

[Being a Pirate is Alright to be]

This wont be as long a post as I had intended because I have to wake up at 5 tomorrow to drive to a training seminar. Boo-urns!

A quick overview if my memorial day weekend:

Visited Omaha, birthplace of the Conor Oberst school of indie music
Got put in my place by a 16 year old in Mario Party 1
Ate some most excellent mexican food
Saw some neat animals at the zoo
Went for a boat ride
Slept on an air mattress.

This NK features quite possibly my good friend Adam and my relationship in its purest form. After I had finished it and I read the words a second time I thought "wow, thats us right there then isn't it" or something to that regard.

Oh and its newish, I just wrote it last week.

-Kid C

Thursday, May 24, 2007

[out of town]

Hey nothing new to report tonight, I might try and scan a comic in tomorrow morning before work. I'm going to be gone most of the weekend, so ill give a big ole update monday when I'm home. Kay?

-Kid C

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

[Netflix and comics]

Boo for two reasons, first off I mailed my Netflix out monday morning, and my new movie didnt get here today, and two there were only two new comic books that came out today that I wanted (shadowpact 13 and countdown 49). That stinks!

Also where are the cicadas? I thought I would be knee-deep in them by now, but I have not heard a peep! Come on you wusses, en garde!!

And on the subject of the comic, this has happened to me numerous times in my life. Well the chinese-food smelling poop that is, not the eating-of-it part.

usually it smells like mongolian beef!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

[Mold on my blistex]

I decided I am not going to name each post the name of the ninja ken strip, instead I will do that in the tags. You may notice that some of the NK strips look like crap, well that is because for the longest time I drew them on both sides of the paper. Oh my nearsightedness is almost painful.

I was invited out for food and drinks at 9, but thats pushing this guys bedtime, especially if I am going to watch any MST3K or Firefly tonight. It is always a hard call for me, human interaction...or pure nerdity. And tonight I will be flying Solo.....HAN SOLO, bwahahahahahahaha...oh I am sorry for that one.

oh yes, and there is in fact a layer of mold growing on the underside of my blistex. Disgusting? Yes, of course. But the pure biology of it is fascinating isn't it?!!

This comic is one of the more recent ones, about a year old. In it hero ray has a knife, and he knifes stuff good. The panel where he yells "Check This!" is perhaps my favorite drawing from NK ever...its just so...stabalicious.

Monday, May 21, 2007

[Ken Likes to Poo]

So they added big team battle today in the Halo 3 beta. I played some over at Adams place, and it was enjoyable. Although it did tarnish the overall H3 was only about 1 minute into the first game that 2/6 people quit our team, immediately after the other two people on our team started betraying....

As I watched the pretty new model of a red spartan (my team) hump my dead corpse over and over again Adam muttered something along the lines of "Fucking halo players, I'd almost forgotten"

For some reason my mind had blacked out all the terrible experiences I had had playing Halo 2, and replaced them with sunny memories...big team battle today brought it all back.


Anyway this comic has ken both pooping and vomiting...I am pretty sure that a while after I drew this I saw the same thing happen on South Park, or perhaps Family Guy....

I'm not saying Seth Green broke into my house and stole my precious secrets of comedy, but let me tell you this much, if an upcoming episode of Family Guy has Peter getting his hands removed by prostitutes and then replaced by beachballs, its fucking lawsuit time baby.

-Kid C

Sunday, May 20, 2007

[Ow! I'm Bleeding!]

I spent some time at the local library today, and was drawn as usual to the new graphic novel and scifi/fantasy sections. While perusing the new Goon TPB I noticed a new Halo novel had been released. My heart beating faster I reached for the book and flipped through its crisp new pages and seeing flashes of words like Spartan, or Carbine I knew I had to have it. Well for at least the 2 weeks I could take a new-release out for. I continued browsing, but as I did, I began to realize that, although I enjoy backstory and plot as much as the next man.... I didn't want to read about Halo. In fact, merely holding the book made me want to run home and fire up the Halo 3 Beta with the utmost urgency. I put the book down, and instead grabbed two Amazing Spider-Man books, and legged it out of there.

Needless to say, Halo was played after I got home.

and then I watched the office. Oh that Jim, he is just too much.

This comic is one of my favorites. Its simple, I love the expressions on the character's faces, and it's gross. What more could anyone want?

-Kid C

Friday, May 18, 2007


Ah yes, in this comic the second main character, Hero Ray makes an appearance. As can be taken in with a glance, yes its still just a stick figure.... But this one has a hat! I had just started my first year of college with my bosom buddy Adam in tow and I felt that Ken needed a friend as well. And so Hero Ray was born.

It is important to note however, that this is not the first official appearance of Hero Ray. His first appearance focuses on a small mouth bass and a pornographic magazine....and I think you should get to know the poor fellow a little better before that graphic imagery is fully thrust upon you.

-Kid C

[Ken Breaks a Leg]

Hello hello hello, this first Ninja Ken comic I will be posting hails from the year 2001. I wrote it thinking to myself "What if when you told someone to break a leg, it didn't actually mean what it usually means" and then a threw a bridge in there. Yeah, it pretty much wrote itself.

-Kid C