Wednesday, January 9, 2008

[Best Buy Blows Goats]

So I don't want to go into the whole thing, but I called best buy the other night and was assured they did in fact have Guitar Hero 3 in the store. I get there, and yes they do have 12 copies, but they cannot let me exchange my broken guitar for one because they are holding them for a sale on Sunday. Thats the story.

Here are some additional highlights:

The manager asked me if I had a product replacement plan for it, like it was a fucking bogus 360.

It would have been "illegal by the MSRP if we sell you one of the ones on hold".

And that "To guarantee you get a copy of the game you should just get here really early Sunday morning and be first in line for the sale!".

Two words Best Buy- FUCKING BULLSHOT

On a positive note, did you hear you can get yourself a free copy of a mutated Portal? If you gots yourself some sweet Nvidia card in your PC, then GET!

And yes, I do believe that all British people do is walk about from pub to pub saying things like "tikkity-tonk" and discussing why soccer rules, and America just blows. Y'know, for the record.

-Kid C

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Fulluphigh said...

Hey, just a tip. I work at Best Buy in the media department. So I'd know first hand how ****ing stupid that is:

*Walks in store*
"Do we have GHIII for Wii?"
"Yeah, but we're saving em. We were supposed to have 12 saturday, and had 6. So these are rainchecked to the other guys."

"So, has anyone with a raincheck come to pick up a copy of Guitar Hero yet?"
"No, the dude hasn't even called back yet"
"Dude? There was just one?"
"Yeah. Some football coach. A big spender, so corporate made us give em all to him."

And I bought one. And put two others on the shelf. He would have gotten 3, if he ever showed back up. But he didn't, so we sold those too.

But yeah, now to my point: Ask for someone from Media. The CA's, the guys who help you when you call, are ****ing stupid. They'll check in the warehouse, see we have something, ignore the sign that says HOLD, and tell the customer, who then becomes Irate when he gets here and learns that we can't legally sell them because corporate sucks nuts and puts numbers in the ads saying we'll have at least X amount.

So yeah, call media. We'll tell you like it is.

Unless your Best Buy sucks.