Wednesday, January 16, 2008

[still sick]

so i finally went to see a doc today, turns out i have bronchitis? Laaaaaaaame. Earliest I can go back to work is Friday, if I feel good.... so yeah, there goes a third of my vacation days for the entire year... oh fuck fuck fuck thats shitty.

i only made one new comic in the last few days and its about some guy who has a pony tail? I dunno, i think the fever made me do it. So again, no new comic today. sorry everyone.

come hell or high water there will be a new comic friday, if not several to make up for me pussing out. (i might even include the weird pony-tail-guy one) so come back then!!

-Kid C

1 comment:

Jimbo said...

mate - your holiday and sick pay are the same ? that sux .. you americans screw yourselves out of everything.. you should come to australia - you have holiday pay (min 4 weeks a year) then you have sick pay which is special sporting events holiday pay and also had a big night out and 'umm suddenly like outta the blue got sick' pay..