Friday, January 4, 2008


So I beat Mario Galaxy. Not 120 stars beat, just 60 stars and overall it was very good. But I don't know if its the whole jaded, loveless life I have forged for myself or what, but I did not enjoy it nearly as much as Mario 64.

On the other hand I went and saw the Golden Compass the other night, and I thought that that little talking cat was just the cutest little thing ever. So my dark icey heart must still have some emotions left inside it.

I even found myself yearning for a talking cat while I was sitting there. And usually I only yearn after burritos. MMMmmmmm. burrito.

I think I'm going to run over to Best Buy and pick up COD4. I feel like shooting up some very well rendered foos.

This comic is inspired by that creepy fuck who stalked those kids across, like the entirety of the Americas. Sick fuck, sick fuck.

-Kid C


Kyle said...

haha, gooood comic

i also enjoy the "sick fuck, sick fuck" reference from boondock saints

Kyle said...

dude i just watched the youtube link for rocco from the boondock saints, you shoulda used the scene were he's beating the dude with the pool ball, thats where the line is from!

Kid C said...

i know it wasn't the right one, but i couldn't find the "sick fuck, sick fuck" scene on youtube. i apologize sir.