Wednesday, January 23, 2008

[A Guy Shot Through Space, Part 2]

Just recently a few people have been commenting on my posts with useful, or even interesting information, and shame on me I never gave any indication that I saw their comments. So let me just say thank you to the people who take the time to comment, it lets me know that at least one other person read that days comic!

Did I mention my xbox is dead again? Well in 4-5 business days I should be getting my coffin. Great. I am half tempted to just go buy an elite and say F-IT to that whole scene. But thats a good amount of money.... money that could be spent not re-buying shit I already own.

(but the elite looks so BA.... hmmmm)

Today I bring you the second installment of the Guy Shot Through Space story. Are you prepared for the dramatic conclusion on Friday? Here's a hint for the direction I'm taking it.

-Kid C


Kyle said...

FINALLY i get thanked for all my inspiring contributions to your comic, i thought this day would never come

p.s. whyd you delete my last comment, turdddddddd

Kyle said...

wait i take that back, you didnt delete anything recently, durrrrr