Friday, January 18, 2008

[Lambda Lamda Lambda]

So I went back to work today, which blew. Not as hard however as the fact that I have to go in to work tomorrow. And if I don't finish up what I'm supposed to do, maybe Sunday too!

oh joy!

I started playing COD4 multiplayer, it reminds me a lot of Counter Strike, and is very enjoyable. Although the whole gun-unlocking thing just means that its way easier for experienced players to kill up the n00bs like me. Lame.

I also beat (finally) Half Life 2! Wooo. And started on Episode 1!

Anyway, heres a whole barrel full of comics for you to make up for the Ken-less week. Hope you enjoy! Oh, and I even included the pony-tail guy one. FYI there was some anthropologist dude on a X-Files I watched this week, and he inspired the character.

-Kid C

1 comment:

Kyle said...

hey you are missing the "b" in that second lambda.

and why are keena's parents normal looking and she is a stick figure? kinda strange, like she was born with a terrible birth defect, hahaha
oh god birth defects are not funny..

and i dont know the reasoning behind the comic involving the pony tail dude and the underaged chick, but who cares, he has a pony tail

and enjoy work tomorrow you sucka