Wednesday, June 13, 2007

[Theres a cicada screaming at me from above my bed]

I know. You dont need to tell me, I know.

I'm sorry. Did I mean to be to leave you in the cold darkness of the internet without any new NK to show you the light of day? No, don't be silly. I was just real busy for awhile there. Plus the whole "posting every day" thing was cramping my style. I think in lieu of latsa posts, then none for 2 weeks, i will try and follow the PA example of MWF posts. I think I can do that.

Do you think you can too?

Oh yeah, but there wont be one this Friday, hahahah. I am taking a half day Friday and going camping with some of my favorite people. I am buying a watermelon, a bottle of vodka, and assless chaps. It should be a good time.

To try and make up for the lack of Ken, heres 4 comics, see how generous I can be?

A few quick comments, the running out of TP thing did indeed happen to me, and when I tried to grab the TP from the other stall I couldnt stretch the ole fingers enough to grab any. So I had to make do with what I had (3 single ply squares...shudder). Oh and about the first strip, isnt cave-man Ken just adorable? Look at the way the simpleton is staring into the wrong end of his club. I feel like there should almost be another panel where it fires at him, elmer fudd style.

Well for the record lets say that there is, in fact another panel with the club exploding his head off. Fudd would be proud.

Be back next Monday, scouts honor!
-Kid C

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