Friday, June 22, 2007

[F.E.A.R. and The Darkness]

So I borrowed my good friend Ben's copy of F.E.A.R. for the xbox 360 and have been slowly playing through it. I say slowly because unlike some FPS games I can't really enjoy playing this one for any more than an hour or two. I think this is the case in part because the whole mechanic of "slow time, run up to guys and shotgun them" has gotten a little stale, and also because its just kinda... monotonous I guess you could say. I am still enjoying it of course, and I only have 2 sections left, but its no Riddick.

And while I am on the topic of Riddick, I am so pumped for The Darkness which is coming out next Tuesday. I saw someone playing a build of it behind closed curtains at last years Comic Con (I refuse to say Wizard World... it makes me feel dirty) and it looked impressive even then. From the murmurs I have heard so far the only issue anyone has with it is that the controls need some tightening. I am willing to give the developers the benefit of the doubt and pony up tuesday with my wad of 20s sweatily grasped in my paws.

I just finished "A Dirty Job" its the second time I read it, still a wonderful book, although this time around all of the pop-culture references seemed a little forced to me. Now I need to find something else to read.. hmmmmm. Maybe I'll check The Watchmen out from the library again, thats always grood.

This Ninja Ken guest stares a Mr. Solid Snake of MGS fame. I just did it a few days ago, and as I completed it I realized that I wrote possibly the best line ever in it. If you havent read the comic yet, do so now.

Done? ok, I love love love the line "Now put your dick in my mouth and I'll tell you a secret". Man, its just so... poetic. That line should be on bumper stickers and t-shirts across the globe!

-Kid C

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