Wednesday, June 27, 2007

[Japan Did It]

So you know how I went on and on about Star Wars condoms, like Monday? Well turns out they have something very similar to exactly that in Japan. A certain associate of mine has managed to secure said condoms, and I hope to treat you all with a picture of them as soon as humanly possibly!

Don't have much else to say today actually. I think I was going to ramble about all the good live music I have seen in my time, but I left the list I made at work, so I will have to save that for another day!

Much like todays comic I did get randomly drug tested a few weeks back, and it was super awesome. I got home about 15 minutes before I would have even gotten out of work!! CHA!!!

It was awkward though bc the nurse was trying out her new stand up act on me or something. When I'm about to pee in a cup, I would rather not hear poorly constructed observational-style humor regarding said cup. Just let me go before I lose the urge!

-Kid C

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