Monday, October 15, 2007

[Daddys got a new .45]

hey kids, so its been like what, a week since a post? well I have lotsa excuses, and here they are!

-comp got a nasty virus, couldn't reformat windows, had to install vista (long story)
-went out of town for work for 2 days
-got the flu
-and now I cant find the scanner software, and windows cant seem to install it on its onesome.

soooooo where does that leave us? you, the cold and faceless internet, me a sexy 24 year old who makes loads of money engineering sexy things for a sexy future? it leaves us with bitter fruits my friends, bitter. Bitter and drawn in paint.

Enjoy bitches.
-Kid C

1 comment:

PillsburyDeeBoy said...

Why've you gone all colour on us? I must admit, when I first saw the comic - the legendary Goomba edition - I kinda wished it was all colourful but now, in hindsight, maybe not. Just a thought.

PS: I miss Phil *R.I.P, ol' friend, R.I.P*