Saturday, October 20, 2007

[Two H's]

So I downloaded the hellgate london demo this weekend, and I was surprised. I think somewhere in my mind I forgot/never actually knew what Hellgate London actually is! Apparently its just an MMORPG.....uh and thats it. Yes it does have some action elements (you swing your sword when you click) but I'm pretty sure Star Wars Galaxies did that already. For some reason I muddled Hellgate up with Huxley, and created some odd bastard child in my mind. Trying to investigate how I was confused over what Hellgate was, I went to the Huxley homepage. After clicking around on it for awhile I got an awkward feeling in my gut.... a feeling that there was something amiss. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but after I read some of the information about when it was coming out and about a beta, it seemed....shady to me. I dunno maybe I'm crazy, but are we sure this is even a real game here people? I mean I've never actually seen it myself, have you?..... hmmmm Duke Nukem?

In this Ken we see a fantasy every man shares come to life. Or at least this man shares... uh with himself.

-Kid C

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