Wednesday, October 17, 2007

[Sexy, Orange, Box]

Hey hey, I still cannot locate the blasted software for my scanner, so I am afraid I am going to have nothing but measly MS paint scraps for you. I sorry. I know that personally if I had a handy dandy portal gun thinger I would never get out of my seat... for anything.

So I beat Halo 3's campaign a while ago, and overall... I don't know. It left me feeling empty inside, like after you pay for sex. I mean, sure the sex (campaign) was good, but now that I'm spent, and my wallet is a little lighter, I ask myself, was that it? The whole bungie splitting off from microsoft thing does nothing to make this feeling go away, all it does is make me feel more uncomfortable.

Oh in other Ninja Ken news, I may have found someone with a firmer grasp on internetting to throw together an official, grown up website for me. So keep your ears peeled, Ken might be moving to greener pastures sometime in the near future.

-Kid C

1 comment:

Jordan said...

Ack! Please stop using MS Paint

the last two comics have been uuuuuugly

Funny, but the paper and pencil just looks a ton better