Monday, October 29, 2007


So I was at Navy Pier this weekend, and while there I hit up the game store they had there. Spying an interesting game from afar, I investigated it, read the back of the box thoroughly, then payed 30 bucks to buy it. Said game is called Munchkin, and looks pretty sweet. It seems to be a fast paced and silly take on the usual pencil and paper RPG, and I have confirmation from a girl at work that it is both "Hilarious" and that i will "love it". So at least someone out there has played it, and is a solid endorser of it.

So tonight I will test this out with a few friends (after eating delicious hamburgers) and will report back to you.

The Ninja Ken today...uh thats all hypothetical it is. I really do love the line "the Indians used the whole buffalo right" to justify it. It makes me ctm every time I read it.

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Ben said...

You will not be disappointed with Munchkin