Friday, October 26, 2007

[oh ho, sick again]

So it appears it is my cruel lot in life to be sick for every weekend. Woop. And of course its on a weekend when I have (had?) plans for both Friday and Saturday nights. Go palsied immune system!

I am going to spend the next two days holed up in my bedroom alternating between watching sliders and playing video games. In terms of the latter I plan on fitting in time for some more Portal, a little Wii RE4, and of course, Mr. Halo 3.

Now I am going to go make myself some soup. Or ramen, whichever I can find.

Ahh yes, and for the comic, I swear to you, this exact thing happened (almost) to me at work. Except the girl didn't really have fat hands.... and it was a guy... and I didn't even offer to help, I just sat in my cubicle and read stuff off wikipedia. So its basically the truth.

-Kid C

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