Wednesday, October 31, 2007

[xXx H4110W33N 5N1P3R xXx]

Well its halloween. woo! I wish I was my age divided by 2, then I could be filling up on sweet loot tonight! But alas, I am an old man, so all I get to do is cook myself some chinese food, watch sliders, and then play the fancy new Zombie Halo 3 matches! So still, woo for that!

On a side note, I am also drinking a delicious white russian. Wow, I had almost forgotten how good these things are!

Oh yes, I did not get around to playing munchkin yet! We got distracted by Knocked Up, which I think is good, not great. In my mind its not quite at the Old School, Wedding Crashers, Superbad level. It was more of a Big Daddy, or an Anchorman if you will. But munchkin will be played soon, oh yes it will!

This comic tells it pretty much how it is- that Ninja Ken and Hero Ray look nothing alike. And anyone who says differently is just a jerkbag.


But yeah Ninja Keena is just Ken with a bow and eyelashes, I mean duh.

-Kid C

Monday, October 29, 2007


So I was at Navy Pier this weekend, and while there I hit up the game store they had there. Spying an interesting game from afar, I investigated it, read the back of the box thoroughly, then payed 30 bucks to buy it. Said game is called Munchkin, and looks pretty sweet. It seems to be a fast paced and silly take on the usual pencil and paper RPG, and I have confirmation from a girl at work that it is both "Hilarious" and that i will "love it". So at least someone out there has played it, and is a solid endorser of it.

So tonight I will test this out with a few friends (after eating delicious hamburgers) and will report back to you.

The Ninja Ken today...uh thats all hypothetical it is. I really do love the line "the Indians used the whole buffalo right" to justify it. It makes me ctm every time I read it.

Friday, October 26, 2007

[oh ho, sick again]

So it appears it is my cruel lot in life to be sick for every weekend. Woop. And of course its on a weekend when I have (had?) plans for both Friday and Saturday nights. Go palsied immune system!

I am going to spend the next two days holed up in my bedroom alternating between watching sliders and playing video games. In terms of the latter I plan on fitting in time for some more Portal, a little Wii RE4, and of course, Mr. Halo 3.

Now I am going to go make myself some soup. Or ramen, whichever I can find.

Ahh yes, and for the comic, I swear to you, this exact thing happened (almost) to me at work. Except the girl didn't really have fat hands.... and it was a guy... and I didn't even offer to help, I just sat in my cubicle and read stuff off wikipedia. So its basically the truth.

-Kid C

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

[Upside down from here]

So I just got myself some sweet new RAM.... it has blue LEDs. I'm pretty much the flyest nerd this side of the mighty miss. Jealous much?

This Ken is pretty much word for word an argument I had with my compatriot Adam the other night in between social slayer matches in Halo 3. Except the last panel. In reality the conversation would go on for about another 2 pages and end with me saying something along the lines of "you're a fucking asshole" and then he'd say "idiot"

-Kid C

Saturday, October 20, 2007

[Two H's]

So I downloaded the hellgate london demo this weekend, and I was surprised. I think somewhere in my mind I forgot/never actually knew what Hellgate London actually is! Apparently its just an MMORPG.....uh and thats it. Yes it does have some action elements (you swing your sword when you click) but I'm pretty sure Star Wars Galaxies did that already. For some reason I muddled Hellgate up with Huxley, and created some odd bastard child in my mind. Trying to investigate how I was confused over what Hellgate was, I went to the Huxley homepage. After clicking around on it for awhile I got an awkward feeling in my gut.... a feeling that there was something amiss. I can't exactly put my finger on it, but after I read some of the information about when it was coming out and about a beta, it seemed....shady to me. I dunno maybe I'm crazy, but are we sure this is even a real game here people? I mean I've never actually seen it myself, have you?..... hmmmm Duke Nukem?

In this Ken we see a fantasy every man shares come to life. Or at least this man shares... uh with himself.

-Kid C

Friday, October 19, 2007

[Really Ugly Kids]

So I got myself a haircut, and while I was in the neighborhood I stopped by the cheap pizza slice place. And what I saw there made me lose my appetite faster than watching naked sumos foot-fucking (well not really, I mean thats pretty extreme yo). I saw a group of maybe 5 or 6 of the ugliest people I have ever seen in my life. These ugs had it all; acne, long greasy ponytails, horsefaces, and I swear to the christ one of them had a hunchback. A fucking HUNCHBACK. I was half expecting the little animated gargoyles from the Disney movie to jump out from around a corner and start serenading me.

And if by all stretches of the imagination a hunch-ee happens to be reading this, don't worry, this guy was smelly too. At least you don't have that affliction as well my rolly friend.

I found the scanner software, so heres something short and stupid on graph paper. Is this called graph paper? ... whatever.

-Kid C

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

[Sexy, Orange, Box]

Hey hey, I still cannot locate the blasted software for my scanner, so I am afraid I am going to have nothing but measly MS paint scraps for you. I sorry. I know that personally if I had a handy dandy portal gun thinger I would never get out of my seat... for anything.

So I beat Halo 3's campaign a while ago, and overall... I don't know. It left me feeling empty inside, like after you pay for sex. I mean, sure the sex (campaign) was good, but now that I'm spent, and my wallet is a little lighter, I ask myself, was that it? The whole bungie splitting off from microsoft thing does nothing to make this feeling go away, all it does is make me feel more uncomfortable.

Oh in other Ninja Ken news, I may have found someone with a firmer grasp on internetting to throw together an official, grown up website for me. So keep your ears peeled, Ken might be moving to greener pastures sometime in the near future.

-Kid C

Monday, October 15, 2007

[Daddys got a new .45]

hey kids, so its been like what, a week since a post? well I have lotsa excuses, and here they are!

-comp got a nasty virus, couldn't reformat windows, had to install vista (long story)
-went out of town for work for 2 days
-got the flu
-and now I cant find the scanner software, and windows cant seem to install it on its onesome.

soooooo where does that leave us? you, the cold and faceless internet, me a sexy 24 year old who makes loads of money engineering sexy things for a sexy future? it leaves us with bitter fruits my friends, bitter. Bitter and drawn in paint.

Enjoy bitches.
-Kid C

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

[hit the deck]

hey this is a webcomic. it will not have a blog entry.

*kck* over. *kck*