Wednesday, July 4, 2007

[America, Frick Yeah]

Happy 4th of July y'all!!! Although it might not mean much to our brothers abroad, the 4th is kinda big deal round these parts. These parts being anywhere in the U.S.

My plans tomorrow include seeing Transformers, Eating some (grilled?) food, and then fireworks in the evening. The only thing standing between my friends and I and a most excellent adventure is that mean old Mr. Weather. If only he would just bend to my will, and stave off the expected rainstorms till Thursday and I am back at work uncaring!

I have heard generally optimistic reviews of the Transformers movie, although I still look towards it with no small trepidation. As long as the movie has kick ass hair-metal like the 80's cartoon movie (which I got on DVD for Christmas) it can't go too wrong.

In gaming news I got around to playing the Darkness multiplayer....and its quite horrible! To the point where I actually found myself chuckling at how bad it actually was. It seemed that I could only shoot one of my fellow gamers if I stood completely still and for that split second their blur of speed lined up with my bullets. Oh yes, and lag was also atrocious in almost every game I played. This however does little in my mind to detract from the overall package of the game, seeing as I didn't include multiplayer in my brain while I was weighing in the necessity to buy the title.

Today I bring you an extra special, 2-color Ninja Ken special!!!! Its almost full color! And then a diddy about transformers. I realize the transformers one has poor panel flow, and for that I apologize. But you can forgive me right?


-Kid C

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