Monday, July 23, 2007

[its not getting any better]

So I finished up Apathy. And I must in all honesty say it had the most satisfying conclusion to any book I have ever read, ever. It was all wrapped up in a nice little package that melted in my mouth, not in my hand.

I read the 2nd issue of World War Hulk, and was generally disappointed in the art. Normally I am a huge fan of Romita, but that issue... whew boy, it did not look good.

I read about the ending of the new Harry Potter book, and wow, did it take her any more than 30 seconds to think that up? I am pretty sure I saw that exact thing happen on an episode of Muppet Babies (a show which I hold near and dear to my heart). Bravo lady, you successfully sold a bajillion books rehashing everything that had been previously done. I applaud your success.

And the comic today? Lets just say that summer sucks even more today than 3 days ago... and it really sucked then.

-Kid C

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