Friday, July 6, 2007

[Transformers and Messenger Bags]

So I had a very nice 4th, ate a burger, watched Transformers blow crap up, then in the evening, watched humans blow crap up. Overall it was a good day. Transformers was just about as good as I expected, I had a bunch of laughs, a few guffaws, and one chortle. Overall I don't know if it was what my mind envisioned a Transformers movie to be, but meh, it was fun. Shia Leboeuf was close to the best thing in the movie, pulling off lines much better known actors would have fumbled, I have no fear that he will be able to do the same for Indy 4. The movie also had plenty of in jokes, and a few references to the lore, which I enjoyed, and of course, Starscream was kinda a bitch. Delicious.

Yesterday I went to the local office max, or office depot. Or something, and bought myself the cheapest messenger bag they had, only 20! I was very excited as I strode into work this morning, only to be met with the jeering faces of my co-workers. Apparently they all thought it was very funny that I was carrying a "manpurse/murse". I tried to explain to them, "No no, this is a messenger bag, it says right here on the tag it does!" but they would not be swayed.

Damn you co-workers.... damn you to heck!

As you might notice the first comic today is actually just a photo I edited a bit and added text to. I did not think I would be able to deliver as an emotional depiction of an Emo Gargoyle by hand. The idea itself was brought up amongst friends last night at dinner, although now I have no idea what we were talking about that lead to such a thing.

The second comic I think is very sardonic indeed. Does it burn Microsoft? Does it feel like an earwig in the bellybutton? Oh yes, I'm sure it does.

I am sure.

-Kid C

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