Monday, July 9, 2007

[What You Talkin Bout Willis?]

So Saturday I took a quick break from playing The Darkness to internet it up, only to discover that Joystiq had included Friday's Ninja Ken in their weekly webcomic poll, which honestly shocked me. I read the title of the comic Transformer Xbox 360s! and said to myself "Damnit, somebody had the same idea as me!" but no, that somebody was me, and that idea was mine!

So thank you very much to the kind people over at Joystiq for including my comic in the poll, and for anyone who might be new to the Ninja Ken Experience, as I like to call it, let me welcome you.

Hi people, how are you ? I'm good. I just got off work, so how could I not be good?! Are you done with work too? I hope so, Ninja Ken isn't always work appropriate. And anyway, you shouldn't be slacking. hahahaha.

I saw Die Hard 4 this weekend, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Bruce Willis kills guys, things make boom, and bad guys get dead'd. The movie also starred young Justin Long, a spirited and easy to like fellow indeed.

As I was watching it, my mind began to wander, and I decided that I liked Die Hard 1 the best of the 4. But the reasoning behind my decision, might be considered odd. I think the first movie really struck a chord with me, because at its heart it is basically a movie adaptation of a survival-horror game, minus the horror. Specifically, it reminded me of the first Resident Evil. There are several parallels I can point to, how each takes place in essentially one building, there is a progression of more powerful weapons, and there is a final boss that just wont die. I know I had more to back my claims up, but I just ate some dinner, and I feel like sitting on the couch now.

Todays comic is based off of 2 facts:
1. I really love The Office, and so does The Hulk.
2. Facebook is getting creepier by the minute these days.

Oh, and on a side note, I do know of people who do nothing but search for others who are looking for "Random Play" and then they meet them, and do them. The whole idea kinda makes my skin crawl.

-Kid C

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