Wednesday, July 25, 2007

[trouble in 3s]

I will now discuss 3 events.

1. The new guy at work takes my favorite spot every morning, and parks over the line, also making it impossible to park in my second favorite spot. I hate him like people who are allergic to peanuts hate dieing from eating peanuts.

2. I washed my pants last night only to have a large black spider jump out from them this morning as I was going to put them on. I managed to defeat the terrible beast, but for the rest of the day I could not help but imagine his hairy little body running up and down my legs. It was a long day.

3. The other day I accidentally lathered up my bar soap, then directly applied it to my hair and shampooed with it. And unlike the previous two events, this actually made my hair look freakin sweet for the rest of the day. The ladies swooned.

Ok and onto the comic. Lets face at, at some point for everyone porn just isn't that interesting anymore. Ken and Ray have reached that point.

-Kid C

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