Monday, July 2, 2007

[Rick, Rick, Rick]

Did anyone else play Tekken Tag for the PS2 until they unlocked Tekken Bowl? After its discovery my friends and I soon found that our lives had little meaning other than to get a perfect game with the likes of Jin and Heihachi. It became a bit of an obsession you might even say, to the point where we had not only named each bowling pin, but had crafted a finely chiseled personality for each. I will never forget the time I was on the final frame, and I missed the Satan pin, of all things! (Thats the very front one yo)

Gah! ... I think we were either really into simulated bowling, or catastrophically bored.

This Ken comic sprung into mind based off observations on the awkward way a lot of people go pee at work. As a rule, I never pull off anything more extreme than "The Change Purse" while I'm on the clock, and even then I think that's pushing it.

And no, I personally have never peed on a Police station, although I could tell you the names of several associates of mine who may have in the past.

-Kid C

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Anonymous said...

haha, i like the dorm room...deja vu...